Misc Unsigned Bands – Noise Reduction - Even For A Day tab

Even For a Day
Noise Reduction

Intro:	E-C#m-A-B(pause)

        E			   C#m
I.	Many time I’ve fallen in-love,
	But no one survives,
	‘til I found someone like you,
        E					  C#m
	Who made me strong when I’m in cold,
	And very sweet,
	That makes my heart skip a beat,

         A			  E
*	I don’t know why I’ve got this feeling,
	All I know there is something,
	    D		     B
	Special in you

Ref.	(do I. chords)
	It feels so sad to see you in the things you do,
	It feels so bad that I can’t be with you,

Chor.	(do I. chords)
        When you say that it is over,
	When you say that it was wrong,
	When you say that life’s imperfect,
	I wanna hold you and be strong,
	When the night becomes damn colder,
	I wanna hold you ‘til forever,
	And now I’m asking and begging you to stay,
	Even for a day.

        (do intro)

II.	(do I. chords)
        Every hour, every minute,
	You’re always on my mind,
	Every second, Every day,
	I’m missing you, missing you so much,

	(repeat *)
        (repeat Ref.)
	(repeat Chor.)
	(do * chords then repeat Chor. 2x)

Coda: 	(do Chor. chords)
        Even for a day…(5x)
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