Misc Unsigned Bands – Cantopulous - We Are Cantopulous tab

Band - Cantopulous
Single - Demos of Humor
Song - We are Cantopulous
Tabbed by - Taylor Wasielewski(Singer/ Guitarist of Cantopulous)

Itssssssssss Cantopulouse-----------2------------------------3-|B---------3------------------------3---|G-------2------------------------0-----|D-----0------------------------0-------|A---0------------------------2---------|E-0------------------------3-----------|
Verse 1 E G D Dsus4 D We through bags at luke, E G D Dsus4 D Peachey fell out of a tree, E G D Dsus4 D We wrote this song, E G D Dsus4 D We jumped off of shit Chorus A E We are Cantopulous, G Funnier than a hobbo, A E So watch our videos, G or ill take a piss For the solo muck around on this scale
Chorus Solo 2 (same scale) Verse 2 E G D Dsus4 D Luke, E G D Dsus4 D Got stuck under a boat, E G D Dsus4 D We’re Cantopulous, E G D Dsus4 D and we’re better than you Chorus
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