Misc Unsigned Bands – Lt Grace - Shadows In Your Heart tab

Shadows in Your Heart//
By LT. Grace on "Destinations"

 Em                   Em6/Em7     
There they are the sculpted skies
Hung above in black and white
They’re never hard to find
They always dress the night
 Em                   Em6/Em7 
They cast their shadows on the fallen ones
The hearts that beat for love
They try to silence
The only songs that should be sung
I need to show you
F               G
It’s alright to be unsure
Everyone’s been broken
C               G         Em
I’m convinced I have the cure

It’s not in what you know
In time you find, you realize
It’s how it has been learned

Do you know your soul?
Know it’s yours
Yours and yours alone
I love it when you lose control

Once you let the light into the dark
You gotta kill those shadows in your heart

You’ve have hope 
You’ve got soul
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