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Take A Letter Maria
R.B Graves

Although the original is without capo, I think it sounds a bit better for most
guitars to capo on 2.

Capo 2:

G              C                           G
Last Night As  I Got Home, About Half Past Ten
G                     C                               G
There Was The Woman I Thought I Knew, In The Arms Of Another Man
G                          C                             G
I Kept My Cool, I Ain't No Fool, But Let Me Tell You What Happen Then
G                          C                             G
I Packed  Some Clothes And I Walked Out, And I Ain't Going Back Again

G                         D                     
So Take A Letter Maria,   Address It To My Wife, 
C                                        G
Say I Won't Be Coming Home, Gotta Start A New Life
G                         D
So Take A Letter Maria,  Address It To My Wife
C                                        G
Send A Copy To My Lawyer, Gotta Start A New Life

You've Been Many Things, But Most Of All, A Good Sectary To Me, 
And It's Times Like This I Feel, You've Always Been Close To Me,
Was I Wrong To Work Nights, To Try And Build A Good Life,
All Work And No Play, Has Just Cost Me A Wife	 


When A Man Loves, A Woman It's Hard To Understand,
That She Could Find More Pleasure In The Arms Of Another Man,
I Never Really Know test, How Sweet You are To Me ,
It Just So Happens, I'm Free Tonight, Would You Like To Have Dinner With Me 	 
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