Misc Unsigned Bands - Flamin Riot - Moneys The Life tab version 1

This is my bands song. This is...Flamin' Riot with Moneys The Life!!

A---------------------------------------|B---0-2--0-2--0-2--0-232----------------|G---------------------------------------| X2D---------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------|
Then you switch to a double for the end of the intro and verse.
E---5-----0-3-0----0003-0--------|B----------------------2---------|G--------------------------------| X2D--------------------------------|A--------------------------------|E--------------------------------|
Since I'm bass guitarist I'm not sure what our lead guitarist does for the chorus so a rough guess. Chorus
E------12-12--9---10-10--7--77776999121212-|B------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------------|D------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------|X3 but on third one you only play up to the 1st 7 as there is a drum bang lol.
Thts it really in an order but cba doin tht lol Bye.
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