Misc Unsigned Bands - Mcubed - Not Like This tab


 C                    A m
This isn't the way, I thought it'd be.
  C                                A m      
I'm unhappy simply being me.
       Dm       C          A                 
Everything I do is wrong. 
I've grown so weak and lost my strong.

       C                F               G               
It's not worth living the path I took.
       C                                       C  
I'd rather be blind, than bare one more look.
      E                    C        
My family Doesn't care.
        F                        F? 
It's much too much to bare. 
     Dm                E            
I can't go on like this. 
Not like this.
A fire burns inside of me. 

Tearing away at reality.
Destroying all the childrens songs,

And when I sing, it sounds so wrong.
Pathetic lies that we believe. 
For petty people to recieve
You're not here, you've been to long. 
You're the reason, I went... wrong.
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