Misc Unsigned Bands - Storytime - Unbound tab

This is the riff played throughout the "storytime" skits written
and performed by Oklahoma Christian University's "Unbound". 
We hope this energizes your desire to be creative and to use
your talents and abilities for God.

The following is the main riff:

Occasionally, instead of repeating, the song will break off into the following riff:
e|--5^6-8-6-5-(let ring)--8-6-5-3----------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------5-3-2----------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------3-2---(back to the top riff)-----|D|----------------------------------------0------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------0------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------X------------------------------|
Tab Key: ^ - slide / - hammer on We hope this tab is easy to understand, but if not or if you have any questions, feel free to email us. Keep playing, praying, and come see our shows! - Unbound
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