Misc Unsigned Bands – Flamboyant Bella - My Skies tab

This is just about correct if not 100%, but i'm open to any improvements etc.
Listen to the song to get a strum pattern going.
Anything with a ^ means strum once and let ring. 

For the verse play:

D    Dsus2

Lying here with out beautiful mistakes,
Mistakes that are only ours to make,
No regrets, just a cigarette,
And I feel so free,
I'm happier now,
Than I have ever been,
Laying here beside you,
And Life just feels complete,
All we need is a little sunshine,
              G^                A^
To hide the storm thats in our mind,
And my skies are blue,
     Em         G
And I lie here hoping,
        A                D
That this day will last forever,
      Em         G
Just layed here smoking,
Hope this is never gonna end,
            G               Em        
As long as you are here my friend,
              D    Em  G  A  x3     
My skies are blue.....

[then back to   D  Dsus2  for verses]

Enjoy :)
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