Misc Unsigned Bands - Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass - Wet Asphalt tab

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass 
Wet Asphalt

These chords are finger-picked, not strummed.

first + third time second time C F C FE|-0--------------------------| |-0---------------------------|B|-1----1h3p1--------1--------| |-1----1h3p1----------------1-|G|-0----------0------2--------| |-0----------0-----------2----|D|-2------------2----3--3---3-| |-2------------2-----------3--|A|-3-----------------3----3---| |-3-------------------3-------|E|-------------------1--------| |-----------------------------|
C GE|-0-----------------3------------|B|-1----1h3p1--------3--3---------|G|-0----------0------4------------|D|-2------------2----5----5-------|A|-3-----------------5------3h5p3-|E|-------------------3------------|
first second + third time C Am G F F G C E|-0----------------------------------|--3----1-|--------------|B|-1----1h3p1------------------0h1--0-|--3----1-|--1---0-----1-|G|-0----------0------------0h2--------|--4----2-|--2---0-----0-|D|-2-------------------0h2------------|--5----3-|--3---0-----2-|A|-3----------------------------------|--5----3-|--3---2-----3-|E|------------------------------------|--3----1-|--1---3-------|
verse I'm reading the paper... C F C G C F C G C
Tonight you look great... C F C G x2 chorus Everything's fine... E Am F G x2 C G C G outro E Am F G E Am ... C F G G C F G G C F G G etc...
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