Misc Unsigned Bands - Kingdom Faith - Majestic King tab

Verse 1:

G     Am              Em
Jesus Saivour You are everything
G         Am       Em
Above all else You reign surpreme
         G     D            Em   C
Let Your glory fall in this place
         G           D         C
Let Your light shine through today


Em7      C             G    D
Majestic King, Rule of everything
        Em7      C    Asus2  C
Let You glorious name resound
       Em7    C            G     D
All of Heaven sings to Our Risen King
           Em7     D       Asus2  C 
Heaven and Earth declare a shout

Verse 2:

G             Am              Em
The Rock, the Mighty One, the strongest King
G           Am        Em
In love and power You reign supreme
         G       D       Em       C
Let Your name be praised today
         G          D        C
That the world will see Your face

Chorus x2


Em    C    G 
Em    C    G 
Em    C    G
Em    C    G


Bridge again to end.
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