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This is a tab for Austrian Death Machines "If It Bleeds We Can Kill It" from their 
album Total Brutal.
Just finished watching Predator and was kinda digging being able to play some of the songs.
This is about one minutes worth of mucking around to see what sounds right and hope this 
start someone tabbing the whole song.

Drop C Tuning : C-G-C-F-A-D
Guitar 1: Tim Lambesis
Guitar 2: Tim Lambesis (I won't be tabbing anything for this because I'm lazy)

p -> Palm Mute
~ -> Let Ring/Sustained Note
t -> Triplets

D|---------------------------|A|---------------------------|F|---------------------------|C|-0~------0-0-7~---6~--3~---| x4G|-0~------0-0-7~---6~--3~---|C|-0~------0-0-7~---6~--3~---| p p
D|--------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------|F|--------------------------------------|C|--------------------------------------| x1G|--------------------------------------|C|--00-000-000-000-000-00-000-1-3-0-----| t t t t t t ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ p p p p p p p
D|-----------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------|F|-----------------------------------|C|-----------------------------------| x1G|-----------------------------------|C|--00-000-000-000-777-666-333-222---| p p p p
Thats basically my rough grasp of it. I know the end bit isn't very right and feel free copy this with some credit to me. (the little I deserve). lold Angus Feel free to give me some feedback to as it is my first attempt at tabbing, .
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