Misc Unsigned Bands - Wingnut Dishwashers Union - Free And Alone tab

I tabbed this before, but it has [ch] [/ch] all through it for some reason.
That, and it's Em, not E. This is now 100% correct.

G B Em
C B Em

                G          B         Em
Well I've been working on becoming what I am
C            B        Em
In this bus terminal bathroom
G       B            Em
  And these days I dream like I live
     C          B                Em
of trash, and scammed Greyhound passes

C                      B         Em
  Why don't I take a shower you wonder
    C                           B
I  guess what I can't smell, I just can't remember
So I'm doing my best to smell
 B                       C
just like this basement forever
   B           Em

     G          B            Em
Well isn't hitchiking dead they all ask
        C            B              Em
Not as long as I'm still broke and breathing
    G              B              Em
And if they don't cut this thumb off my dead fist
      C                         B                                                 
(then I'll haunt this on ramp for eternity)              he plays different
(they cant even stop me by burying me)     -----------   versions when he
                                                         plays this live
             C                         B            Em
There ain't nothing like singing your heart out to nobody
    C                      B            B
as you fall asleep by the side of the road
         Em                       B
you know I never felt quite as free
or quite as alone
B                   Em
      or quite as alone
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