Misc Unsigned Bands – Wingnut Dishwashers Union - Jesus Does The Dishes tab

             D                         A
Well we are kids building models of a world
                     G      G
that we might wanna live in
             D                      A
And sorting feelings in our stomach
                           G     G
is this liberation or starvation?

But have we made it anywhere at all
        G                D   D
if the dishes are never done?
             A                G 
If we can't live without dishwashers,
                        D    D
how do we live without cops?

A                       G
  And so you're asking me
A                          G
  Who does the dishes after the revolution?
     A                    G
Well, I do my own dishes now
                        D  D
I'll do my own dishes then
         A                    G                          D    D
And it's always the ones who don't who ask that fucking question

        D                          A           G    G
Well I don't belive in God but I'm also not an atheist
            D                 A
because the universe is chaos
                      G   G
but chaos picks favourites
     A                          G
And lately I've been thinking about
            D D
How I love Jesus
         A                 G       A
Because Jesus was a dirty homeless
Hippie peace activist
        A                      G
And he said drop out and find God!
                      D    D
to anybody who would listen

               A                G
While turning water into space bags
         A                G
turning water into space bags
         A                G
turning water into space bags
with low-lifes and anarchists
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