Misc Unsigned Bands – Heart Of Cygnus - Alexanders Lament tab

Alexander's Lament
by Heart of Cygnus from the album Utopia
Tab by Danny Mendoza

Acoustic Guitar (F Bb Eb Ab C f)        Legend:
                                        h = hammer on     p = pull off
  Em:[022000]        Dsus4:[xx0233]
  C: [x32010]        Em7:  [022033]
  G: [320033]        Cadd9:[x32033]
  D: [xx0232]        Dsus2:[xx0230]

For simplicity's sake the chords are given as their regular shape when the guitar is 
half a step up, or using a capo on the first fret.

The intro and outro riffs are played using tap harmonics while fretting an Fm (Em shape 
the capo on 1st). To sound a tap harmonic, you fret the note that you want to hit, and 
tap the fret wire 12 frets above that note. I have indicated the fret you want to
tap using a capo.

13 15 15 13 15 13 13 13 13 15 13 16 f:-------------------------0-----3-----4----------------------2-------| B:-------------------0--------0-----0-------------------------3-------|Ab:-------------0--------0-------------------------------------2-------|Eb:-------2--------2-------------------------------------------0-------|Bb:----------2---------------------------------------------------------| F:---0----------------------------------------------------------------|
Em Have they never felt the pain? C G D Dsus4 D Of a life that's forgotten, a soul that lies in chains Em C G D Dsus4 D Do they ever feel the tears that fall from heaven and wash way the shame? 1st 2nd
f:------------------------------------0----------|------------3p2----------|--2--| B:-------------1-------------------------0-------|-------3--------3--------|--3--|Ab:o-------0--------0-----0-------0----------0----|----2-----2-----------0-o|--2--|Eb:o----2-----2-------0h2------2-----2----------2-|-0----------------0h2---o|--0--|Bb:--3--------------------------------------------|-------------------------|-----| F:-------------------------0---------------------|-------------------------|-----|
Em C Em D Well I do Em C Em D Yeah I do Em Can they see inside my soul? C G D Dsus4 D All the joy and the heartache that only I could know Em7 And will they ever see a day Cadd9 G D Dsus2 D When all eyes are open and we're free to fly away? D/B C Em D Well I do D/B C Em7 D Yeah I do Em Have they never had a dream?
13 13 13 13 (Tap harmonics over the arpeggiated Em) f:---0-------------------------------------------------| B:-------0---------------------------------------------|Ab:-----------0-----------------------------------------|Eb:-----------------------------------------------------|Bb:-----------------------------------------------------| F:----------------0------------------------------------|
Fin. Questions & comments: dystudios@mac.com
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