Misc Unsigned Bands - Vredesfaust - Gutter Slut tab

Band: Vredesfaust
Song: Gutter Slut
Tuning: Eb

[-----------------][-----------------][-----------------][-5-5-8-5-4-4-7-7-] x 4[-3-3-6-3-2-2-5-5-][-----------------]
then after the 4th time the drums kick in and it goes another 4 times but with 2 guitars Lead: Guitar 1[----------------------------------][-----------9-8-6------------------][-5-5-8-5-4-------5-5-8-5-4--------][---------------------------6-6-5--][----------------------------------][----------------------------------]
- Rythum: Guitar 2 x 2[----------------------------------][----------------------------------][----------------------------------][-----------6-5-3------------------][-3-3-6-3-2------3-3-6-3-2---------][--------------------------4-4-3---]
[-----------------][-----------------][-----------------][-5-5-8-5-4-4-7-7-] x 4[-3-3-6-3-2-2-5-5-][-----------------]
Lead: Guitar 1[-----------------------|[-----------------------|[---5----8----4---------|[--5-5--8-8--4-4--8--7--|[-3----6----2----6--5---|[-----------------------|
Rythum: Guitar 2[----------------------][----------------------][-5----8----4----8--7--][-5----8----4----8--7--][-3----6----2----6--5--][----------------------]
then[-----------------][-----------------][-----------------][-5-5-8-5-4-4-7-7-] x 4[-3-3-6-3-2-2-5-5-][-----------------]
then land on the C power chord and let it ring out Lyrics: Filthy whore filled with sin Once again you let me in You are a worthless whole I'll cum in you, until you're full You're a cunt smashed dirty whore Open your legs and give me more You're a stifling prostitute No one cares about you I will penetrate you I will annihialate you I will leave you screaming I will leave you bleeding (Fuck you, you cum guzzeling gutterslut, I hope you rot in hell!) Thank you once again, This is Wrath, of an American Black Metal band called Vredesfaust Please have a listen on our myspace Just look up Vredesfaust
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