Misc Unsigned Bands – The Midas Well Colorado - Five Minutes Ago tab

http://www.purevolume.com/themidaswellcolorado You can download this great songand others. Enjoy :)G D E CE|-------------|B|-3--3-----1--|G|-0--2-----0--|D|-0--0--2--2--| Chord diagramsA|-2-----2--3--|E|-3-----0-----|
Intro guitarE|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|-----0-------0--------0-|D|---2---2---4---4----2---|A|---------5--------3-----|E|-0----------------------|
E C Your lipstick bleeds its a powerful sting E C E its everything its all consuming its taking me for a ride C its been like a day, where i can get away from you E C and im still stuck on you and i cant get over you Chorus G C so take me to the place i've never been before E there's gotta be something more C there's gotta be another door G so where do i go, who do i run to C i don't even know, im lost without you E i just need to find you C five minutes ago E C I remember our first kiss like it was yesterday E C standing in the snow in the middle of February E and i was true when i said i wouldn't shiver? C E and i kissed your face and i swore that we would never end C swore we'd never end Chorus 2 E SO take grab my hand C i can't believe its still in my memory E C and take me out, we'll be together for ertenaity E i just need you to be my best friend C i could be your best friend and company to the end E C i love you oh i love you chorus 3 D C And girl, don't you forget me D C you know you'll never find another guy like me D C and i swear i could never forget you D C your kisses and your lipstick and the wonderful things you do Last chorus x2 C I just need to find you D I just need to find you G Five minutes ago
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