Misc Unsigned Bands – Southern Isolation - Southern Man I Am tab

I realized that no one ever tabbed this song on anyweb site so I decided to give it a 
This is my second tab ever so take it easy on me -_-' i'm so sure about the solo or outtro 
bear in mind that your guys could try to tab it.. i'm still a noob lol.

------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------| 7--------8-7---/-3------3-----3-/-5----3-5---/-3-------3----------| 7--7---7-----7-/-3--3------3----/-5-5------5-/-3--3-------3--3----| 5----5---------/-1----1------1--/-3---3----3-/-1-----1------1-----|
enjoy.. email me @ slayerbbk@hotmail.com if u have corrections \m/ O.o \m/
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