Misc Unsigned Bands - Oceanlab - Miracle tab

D                                             C
Donít they know that thereís something going on?
What theyíre harming with their indecision
D                                             C
But who will be left standing when Iím gone?
Thereíll be nothing left but a vision

         Bm             A
Itís too easy to turn a blind eye to the light
Itís too easy to bow your head and pray
         Bm                          A
There are some times when you should try to find your voice
         G                                    G
This is one voice that you must find today

Bm                   C        G
Are you hoping for a miracle, as the ice caps melt away?
Bm                   C
No use hoping for a miracle
Thereís a price weíll have to pay

Tabbed by Eric Sotkowy
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