Misc Unsigned Bands – Barefoot Truth - Walk Softly tab

Walk Softly
Barefoot Truth
Tabbed By Rusty Snow

Great song.. this is just the intro fill and
verse chords which i figured out from watching
their live video

e-----------------------|B-----------------------|G----6--5----5----------|D----------8----8--5----| intro fillA-----------------------|E-----------------------|
e----3----x----1----x----x----|B----3----3----1----3----5----|G----4----3----2----3----5----|D----5----3----3----2----4----| x2A----5----x----3----3----5----|E----3----x----1----x----x----| G A# F C9 D9to play the verse they change just the beginninga bit so its like this
e----3----|B----3----|G----4----|D----5----| x1 thats right beforeA----5----| break down the borders...E----3----| Gthen it uses the C9(no 5th) and D9(no 5th) chords.. you canhear when jay plays them then it it goes back to the versepart when they say "we ask the gov..."
im still working on the rest now hope this start helps email me with the rest or suggest. stras16@moravian.edu
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