Misc Unsigned Bands – Maja Salvador - Magkita Na Tayo tab

Not so sure about this one
but its about 90% :)


e|-------------4-----------4----------2--------2--------0--------0------------------|B|------------5---------5-----------4-----4------------2------2-------2----2- 2--|G|-----------4-----4-----------------------------------------------------4---4------|D|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|- 2----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
that is done 2x but the second one is without the bass (B) btw, please listen to the song for the timing and a tip (use your thumb) :) Verse and Chorus Chords are E B F#M and A I guess this is all you need to know http://youtube.com/watch?v=GjLVYVTObO8 thats the link for the song Thanks :)
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