Misc Unsigned Bands – Rob Paravonian - American Idol Loser Song tab

                                                      chords by ear.
                                                      enjoi :)

                                                      Ben Cale.

intro:  A  F#m  E

A                       Dm
  I've made it this far,   nearly become the star

C#m                                  F#m
that i've always dreamed that i could be

    D                                   Bm
And though i think this ride will never end

     D                            E
the truth is, you'l never see me again


                         A                       C#m
because im peaking right now, its all downhill from here

              Bm                        E
no one will remember my name in another year

                 A                       C#m 
im peaking right now, my cereer is at its hights

        Bm                     E
its karaoke for the rest of my life

                 A       F#m   E
im peaking right now

A                      Dm
  Simon says im worthy,   that would be great were he

C#m                         F#m
someone whos taste meant anything

     D                                   Bm
The truth is, it doesn't matter if i can sing

         D                                          E
have you seen the charts and the crap that their playing ?

                           A                       C#m
thats why im peaking right now, my future's full of pain

            Bm                               E
this whole time they've just been jurking my chain

                 A                              C#m
im peaking right now, my spot-light time's been spent
            Bm                                  E
maybe if im lucky i'll make the touring cast of rent 

im peaking right now

Bm                           D 
   the only things i have instore for me

are therapy and binge drinking, 
and stories about how i almost made it to anyone who's listening

    A#                    Dm                       
im peaking right now, im almost out of time

       Cm                                    E#    
im only twenty and this is as high as i will climb
                 A#                        Dm  
im peaking right now, and when i get of the stage
             C                         E#       
i'll have to go back to making minimum wage

im peaking right now (vocal solo)

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