Misc Unsigned Bands - Campaign - In Your Presence tab

This is an awesome worship song I learned at Hume Lake 2008. It's by the band Campaign. 
guitar player at church gave me the chords, so I figured I'd post 'em.
Here's the chords to In Your Presence.


Verse 1

A     E               B              E/G#
Sing deep within our hearts and our souls,
A     E               B               E/G#
Holy Spirit can you fill us we thirst after you
A     E            B            E/G#
Draw near us our arms reach for you,
A   E                B                  E/G#
Can you see us Lord Jesus we call after you

Verse 2

A    E             B             E/G#
Rest in us so our lives speak of you,
A     E          B                     E/G#
Holy Spirit come upon us we wait after you
A     E                     B                E/G#
Lord lead us through every thought and every step,
A      E                 B                      E/G#
You're the compass Lord Jesus our eyes fixed on you


B            A        E/G#         C#m        B
Here in your presence God,
            A       E/G#    C#m   B           F#m            A
Is where we long to be,            our voices loud, we will shout
A                    E/G#               C#m   B            F#m     A
To lift your name on high, our faithful king, our faithful king


E  C#m     A         B
We are in love with you
E   C#m        A        B
We ask you to guide us through
E      C#m            A                   B
Every thought, every step, Lord will you lead us

\_        \_\_\_\_  \_\_\_\_   \_\_\_\_  \_\_  \_\_  \_\_\_\_  \_\_   \_
 \_        \_    \_  \_         \_        \_\_ \_ \_  \_    \_  \_ \_  \_
  \_        \_    \_  \_  \_\_\_ \_\_\_    \_ \_   \_  \_    \_  \_  \_ \_
   \_        \_    \_  \_    \_   \_        \_      \_  \_    \_  \_   \_\_
    \_\_\_\_  \_\_\_\_  \_\_\_\_   \_\_\_\_  \_      \_  \_\_\_\_  \_     \_
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