Misc Unsigned Bands – Aaron Sutton - 18 Problems tab

Hey.Im new to the artist world.I am 16 years old and i wrote this.Enjoy the tab.Thanks 
have a good day.

|________________| Repeat during vocals Verse 1: You say that the kid with the curly hair Is the one you want... the one you need. So baby i just wanna know... Chorus: Why cant it be me? Why cant i be the one you want Why cant i be the one you need Maybes its just one of my 18 problems The girl i desire is just on fire... And shes locked and loaded with 100 bullets on the kid with the curly hair Verse 2: I see you trying to make me help With getting that kid to ask you out But i decline and say... (Chorus)
Guitar solo:e|-----------------------------------------------------13-------15-17-16-15--|bb|---------------------18fb--------------------------14--12------------------|g|----------------17-19----------------------------12------13----------------|d|-----------17-19--------------------------13-------------------------------|a|-----17-19------------------------------14--12-----------------------------|e|17-19---------------------12-13-14-11-12------13b--------------------------|
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