Misc Unsigned Bands - The Apple Miner Colony - Rabbit Feet tab

Rabbit Feet by The Apple Miner Colony
The Heat Haunted Fever, 2008

Tabbed by Thomas Buhler
If you find any mistakes, or have any questions about this tab, email me at:

Thanks to Cole Wilson (lead singer) for the correct lyrics!

D     - xx0232               Gm    - 355333    Em Ė 022000   F# - 244322
C#/A7 Ė x42020 (or x456xx)   Gsus2 Ė 320002    G  - 320003   A  - x02220

INTRO: (x2) D C#/A7 D Gm (Gsus2)e|-----------|----0---0--|----2---2--|----3---2--|B|----3---3--|-----------|----3---3--|----3---2--|G|--2-2---2--|--0-0---0--|--2--------|0----------|D|0----------|-----------|4----------|-----------|A|-----------|4----------|-----------|-----------|E|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
VERSE 1: D C#/A7 D Gm Well time it comes and time it goes, D C#/A7 D Gm And people they come and go too D C#/A7 D Gm And in my time I have seen many beautiful things D C#/A7 D Gm Gsus2 But none half so lovely as you CHORUS: D Gm D Gm (x2) D Gm D Gm Gsus2 Come with me and maybe be all you have wanted to be D Gm D Gm And take my hand and understand all that I want you to be C#/A7 Gm Gsus2 Is happy, merely happy D Gm A human being so happy Em G Gm Ohhhhhhhh... D Gm D Gm And Iím not afraid to hear you say you want me to go away D Gm D Gm And I will go but I need you to know that Iím only a few words away C#/A7 Gm Now friendship may come with a price or a fee, D G But darling you donít owe a thing to me C#/A7 F# No, all I want you to be is D A G Finally happy and free C#/A7 F# And all that Iím asking D A G Gm Is that you please donít be oh-so afraid of me INTRO (x1) VERSE 2: D C#/A7 D Gm September has never been too good to me D C#/A7 D Gm And darling, neither have you D C#/A7 D Gm But a year needs its months like I need your touch D C#/A7 D Gm So startling, what can I do? VERSE 3: D C#/A7 D Gm And try as I can, with all of my hands D C#/A7 D Gm I cannot hold on to you D C#/A7 D Gm As run as I will, the further still D C#/A7 D Gm Gsus2 Your rabbit feet take you away CHORUS (x1) (repeat last line 3 times)
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