Misc Unsigned Bands - David Zelko - How Lovely She Is tab

How Lovely She Is - David Zelko

Capo 1

C E Am G (x2)

C                 E
She rides her bike
walks home alone
                   G              C  E  
runs away but no ones home to care
                      Am  G 
no ones home to notice.

C                  E
She Sings Her Songs 
No One Hears
Her voice so soft but 
                 C        E
no one pays attennnnnntion
       Am             G
no one really sees her.

F              G
Watch The Stars
Dance In The Rain
Spin Around
F                    G
Like No Ones watching
           C            Am
cause they realllly dont know
F   G                C           
they really dont know 
how lovely she is
F  G             C   Am
how lovely she is

Instrumental Break:
C E Am G (x2)
F G Am C (x2)

C             E
She Falls Down
Drops Her Books
It Hurts
G                      C
But No One Really Looks
How She Feels Because
Am                 G
They Dont watch the stars

C               E            
They don't dance in the rain
spin around
like no ones watching you
C                E
they really don't know
Am               G
how lovely she is.

(Chorus) (x2)
F   G            C  Am
How Lovely She Is (x2)
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