Misc Unsigned Bands – Niceland - Come On tab

This is what I think he plays... I couldn't figure out the 2nd guitar and the solo

Am = X-0-2-2-1-0C = X-3-2-0-1-0G(5) = 3-2-0-0-3-3Dm = X-X-0-2-3-1Fmaj7/C = X-3-3-2-1-0
Intro: | Am | C | G(5)| Dm, Fmaj7/C | Verse 1: Am C G(5) Take my baby, Take the little boy inside me Dm Fmaj7/C Think of all your friends and burn my clothes down Am C G(5) Just play a little more, Just play a little harder Dm Fmaj7/C Take another round trip around the globe Am C G(5) I can’t take more, I can’t visit your lands Dm Fmaj7/C I can’t put your pieces together now Am C G(5) There’s more than you can see, I’ve seen too much Dm Fmaj7/C And you’re so sad now, You’re so far, But we collide Chorus: C G Just Come on back, Come on now Dm Fmaj7/C Try to think of every hour and every night C G Dm Fmaj7/C ’cause there’s nothing, that can stop us now C G Come on back, Come on now Dm Fmaj7/C Try to forget how our fates torn us apart C G Dm ’cause there’s nothing, that can stop us now Verse 2: Am C G(5) Believe it or not, I’ve been praying for us Dm Fmaj7/C But now it seems it wasn’t enough Am C G(5) In an unexpected way, You’ve changed in front of my eyes Dm Fmaj7/C And I just had to realize
Am C G(5) Dm Fmaj7/CE--0-0-X---0---|-0-0-X---0---|--3-3-X---3---|-1¬ó-1-1--0--0-0---|B--1-1-X---1---|-1-1-X---1¬ó--|--3-3-X---3---|-3--3-3--1--1-1---|G--2-2-X---2---|-0-0-X---0---|--0-0-X---0---|-2--2-2--2--2-2---|D--2-2-X---2---|-2-2-X---2---|--0-0-X---0---|-0--0-0--3--3-3---|A--0-0-X---0---|-3-3-X---3---|--2-2-X---2---|-X--X-X--3--3-3---|e--X-X-X---X---|-X-X-X---X---|--3-3-X---3---|-X--X-X--X--X-X---|
Am C Take me in, Or make me forget you G Dm Fmaj7/C There are people waiting for my turn Am C Only you can save me, from my growing possession G Dm Fmaj7/C I am drowning now and you’re so far, But we collide Chorus Solo Chorus C G ’cause there’s nothing, that can stop us now Dm Fmaj7/C ’cause there’s nothing, that can stop us now
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