Misc Unsigned Bands - Joe Boyd Vigil - Arabic tab

Joe Boyd Vigil
From Toonami

Main riff--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|-4-----5-----5s8-----------2---4------|--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|
Reversed Riff(Occurs in some parts of the song)--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|-4-----2-----8s5-----------5---4------|--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|
It's the easiest thing ever, but considering this song uses this riff many times and its a trip-hop song then it's no surprise. Joe Boyd Vigil's Arabic is feautred in his album Toonami: Deep Space Bass and was featured on the show Toonami in 1997-2002 You can find him on last.fm by searching Joe Boyd Vigil and listen to his songs. You can also find this song remixed my DJ Calus on the album Toonami:Rare, Restored, Recut.
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