Misc Unsigned Bands – Understated - Flowers In Her Hair tab

Verse 1:

C#m    B     E           A
    Uh oh i think she's fallin

C#m    B              E         A 
   Why won't anyone save her

C#m    B              E      A
    Uh oh there she goes fallin again

C#m         B       E        A
    Please someone save her


C#m      B           E       A
   They said do you need a friend

C#m           B                   E            A
    She just walked away with a smile on her face

C#m       B           E          A
    They said what's wrong with her

              C#m           B             E           
    Well it's obvious that she is just

A         C#m     B    E      A
    An oblivious girl  woah yeah          x2

Same chords throughout song.

At verse 3 start with E then A then C#m then B and so on...

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