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Under the Trees
Kyle Wood

E                          A
So many reasons, So much time
G                         D
The reasons why, we tell lies
C                              G
We are the people, We are the snakes
                 D                         C
That have pain, but still have laughs to make
Letís go for the apple

E                    A
Lets climb the tree, Lets climb to leave
G                         D
The life that we try to receive
C                     G
Time to try, to try again
                 D             C
And taste the life, taste the win
Such a beautiful flavor

E                     A
There goes the sand, There goes your head
G                             D
Here is the place, you once lead
C                     G
Now letís go, Now letís start
                 D                     C
For all fools, who follow only their heart
Ignoring the whispers

F                                C
Everything ends, only to begin again
G                                 D
Everything goes away, only to return
F                                  C
Eroding pride is not always a bad thing
G                       D
So says the backwards clock
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