Misc Unsigned Bands – The Catholic Comb - Sixteen To Twenty One tab

this is my first tab so im sorry for any misunderstandings.


e-|---------------------|b-|---------------------| play 6x i thinkg-|-2--1--1-2-4-1--1----|d-|-2--2--2-2-4-2--2----|a-|-0--0--0-0-0-2--0----|E-|-------------0-------|
e-|-------------------------------| come in after intro plays twice.b-|--4-5-4-5-4---4-5--------------|g-|-4-----2---4-2---4--4-2-4-4----| play 4x ring the last note out on thed-|-------------------------------| the last time.a-|-------------------------------|E-|-------------------------------|
e-|---------------------| pretty much the same as intro.b-|---------------------|g-|-2--1--1-2-4-1--1----|d-|-2--2--2-2-4-2--2----|a-|-0--0--0-0-0-2--0----|E-|-------------0-------|
im still working on the chorus. heres the little thingy later in the song (3:33) it goes something like this, just mess around with it.
its not a 100% correct but its desent, if you find anything incorrect, let me know so i can change it. jonronswong@aim.com thanks http://www.myspace.com/thecatholiccomb
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