Misc Unsigned Bands – Leaf - Motherfucker tab

Artist: Leaf
Song: Motherfucker
Album: Life's a Beach
Tabbed by: Madeleijn

Intro: G D AM  X4

      G                D                     AM
Tuesday morning I got up and thought well
      G                D                     Am
today will be the day that I check myself I had
      G                D                      Am
my checklist ready even skipped my cup of coffee
      G                D                      Am
cause I had to do all the above
       G               D                      Am
see now point one telephone bill,
      G                D                 Am
two I need insurance,
      G        D        Am
three I need a job
      G       D    Am
point four I need to hurry
      G       D                         Am
up cause the clock doesn’t run on sympathy
      G                  D               Am
on the contrary man he’s like grinning at me
        G                      D                  Am
So I opened up the bill and what do I see
        G                      D          Am
Three fat printed digits smiling at me,
        G                       D          Am
hihi, oh my God now I’m all shook up
        G                 D                 Am
I’m on the phone asking them if they misplaced the dot,
  G               D                 Am
not? oooh I gotta go now Miss
 G    D   Am
She’s like: wait a minute man aren’t you
gonna pay for this,
   D       Am
So she puts me on some monthly-pay arrangements

Have a lovely day! Yeah whatever
I got no job (it’s a mfucker)
No money (it’s a mfucker)
I got nothing (it’s a mfucker)
C                                               G      
Well we need to survive this life my brother
Having no hopes (it’s a mfucker)
Without dreams (it’s a mfucker)
So it seems (it’s a mfucker)
We need to take care of one another

Have fun!
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