Misc Unsigned Bands - Taken By Cars - December 2 Chapter 3 tab

Title: December 2 (Chapter 3)
Artist: Taken By Cars

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Intro: E-A-Bm (2x)

E                       A
A sinking call, An out of sight hello
from a thousand walling walls , it's like you
E          A              Bm
It's like you never left at all


A                                  Bm
I throw your would around like child's play
A            Bm
Listen to what I say
      A                               Bm
I throw your words around like child's pay..
A                 Bm
New blues for a new day

(Do CP; E-A-Bm)
And when I'm gone
I want you to wonder, And when I stop
I want  you to play


A        Bm             A               Bm
And let the best you just see rightr through me
Cause I can;t see

A                Bm
But I wasn't where you were
A                    Bm
No, I'm never where you are
A                   Bm
I'm in my looking glass view
A                       Bm
Always almost too close to you
A                            Bm
I'm always almost too close to you..
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