Misc Unsigned Bands – Dead Electrics - Off Tonight tab


           F                           C       Bb
I'm not dancing tonight, I can't see anyone I know in here
      Dm                G
I'm walking home on my own
      F           C                            Bb
This town is so black and white with all the faded dreams, 
             Dm                G
It's such a torn up sight for me
     F             C                        Bb
Well I will drive away tonight, look for a better life
Dm              G
Without fakes problems and dreams
     F                    C                           Bb 
And please don't try and call ma phone cause I'll be out of town
Dm                         G
With everything I've ever known

     F               Dm
So Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye
I'm Off tonight, I'm off tonight
     F                Dm              C
So Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye
I'm Off Tonight
          Dm    C                              F
Well I'm Off Tonight, I'm Off Tonight and I'm Off Tonight,
Dm                          C
Well I'm Off Tonight, I'm Off Tonight

This town just sold my last dream
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