Misc Unsigned Bands – Matthew Perryman Jones - When It Falls Apart tab

Left handed
Matthew Perryman Jones
When it Falls Apart
Capo 7 (Chords relative to capo)
by Jason Acosta

chord names and timing may be slightly off, so listen to song to get it perfectly

E7 o212oo
Em o22ooo
C  (3)32o1o
G  32ooo3
D/F# 2oo23o
Dsus 554o3o slide down from C

verse 1

E7           Em           C        G       G    
    Here we go again, it's all the same
D/F#      Em                          C         G       G
a familiar scene, but we call it by a different name
E7    Em           C       G      G
  It's an alibi of innocence
    D/F#    Em                C         G       G
We work so hard for it all to just make sense
D/F#        Em(hold)
but it won't make sense

C       G             D/F#     Em
when it falls apart the pieces fit
C       G             D/F#(hold)
but you wont see it til your blinded
C       G             D/F#     Em
you can let it go or hold it tight
C       G             D/F#(hold)
when you lose your life you will find it
C     G     Em     Em
oh la da da da da da  3x (3rd time replace Em with E7)

verse 2

another day begins, oh it's nothing new
(these)lessons come to me dressed in deja vu
I thought I had it all so to figure it out
bit she stripped me clean and exposed my doubt
that's what it's all about


in the dark
on my knees
C               Dsus
where i hear her sing to me
oh why is the truth
so hard to take
C                               Dsus
the heart can not go free til it breaks

chorus 2x
repeats last line of chorus 3x holding the D/F#

oh la da da da da da  4x
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