Misc Unsigned Bands - Matthew Perryman Jones - Sinking Wishes tab

Sinking Wishes
By Matthew Perryman Jones
Chords transcribed by Jason Acosta

Standard Tuning
In key of C

Verse 1

C           F            C
    Sinking wishes in the water
     Em    G    C
Iíve thrown them out   
        F               C
Fumbling to the floor to wait
    Em   G    F
What follows now
Let it go
Only wishes wait

G          F          C
Iím taking a chance to find
       G      Em
whatís real inside
             F          C
Iím taking a chance this time
On you
                   C        F       C        F
Iíve got nothing to loose

verse 2

Climbing onto giant shoulders
And looking out
Longing eyes scan for a sign
Where are you now
I donít know
So Iíll fall on faith


Em    G    C (2x)

Em     G      C
I donít mind facing it all
Em     G     C
Well, do you now
Em     G     C
I wonít lay under a fog
Em         G     C
Iím moving toward you

Chorus 2x

C           F            C
    Sinking wishes in the water
     Em    G    C (let ring)
Iíve thrown them out
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