Misc Unsigned Bands - Fallen Angel - Hope Acoustic tab

Fallen Angel - Hope (Acoustic Version)

Trust me or not, this is the real Ian, the guitarist of Fallen Angel. I hope you enjoyed 
song. Soon I'll distribute this song to public.

Intro : D A# C (5x)


D                   A#  C
When your smile was gone

D                            A#  C
Maybe happiness is beginning to fade

D                             A#  C  D
But now I've come with a hope in me


Gm                      A#
What are you looking at from me

F                                      C
I'm standing here alone waiting for my dream

Gm                         A#
You don't know how I suffer here

F                           C
With no love in whole of my life

Back to Verse

Back to Reff


D#                     A#
Can you say that I'm alright

F                             C
Without any hope to get out of this

Back to Reff (2x)

Outro: D A# C (2x) D

That's all folks!! Before the real version comes out, I know you can make your own 
of this song. Enjoy!!
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