Misc Unsigned Bands - The Crosstown Rivalry - Falling For You Acoustic tab

The Crosstown Rivalry - Falling For You
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Love this song so I felt like tabbing it.
Enjoy, although The bridge may not be totally
correct and I still need to figure out the
second guitar.

27 September 2008 - Fixed Verse slightly.
Should be 100% now.
                  - Fixed Tuning. Can play not drop D

Intro/Verse: (Easy Strumming Pattern)|----------------||----------------||------7-----7---||---9--7--5--7---||---9--5--5--5---||---7-----3------|
Pre-Chorus: (Repeat for a Verse Length)|-------||-------||---7---||---7---||---5---||-------|
Bridge: (Listen For Strumming)|--------------------||--------------------||---7----------------||---7-----5---9--7---||---5-----5---9--7---||---------3---7--5---|
I'm pretty sure that's alright but please comment If you have any changes or suggestions. Thanks and Enjoy :D
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