Misc Unsigned Bands – Every Time I Fall - Patience In Suffering tab

verse 1
Am-C2-G-D(finger pick)
can u walk the distance, are you gonna run away
are u gonna leave like the fool, aer u here to stay
please be patint my friend, and just lean to wait. its all in Gods hands

Am-F-C-G(strum with random palm mutes)
just wait and see wait and see wat the Lord has in store for u and for me
th Lord said "blessed are those that persevere" so hold on a little longer for the time 
near, yea-ah the time is near.

verse 2
Am-C2-G-D(finger pick)
as a farmer waits for his crop, how patient is he
thats how we should be
let us have patience in the midst of suffering
and trust in the unseen
nothin left but to have faith and wait, for God to bring the rain, down


Am-F-C-G(full strum)
so hold on through all the changes
just have patience while He rearanges, your life
who u are inside, i realize you're full of mercy and compassion
i know my God will restore my passion, so..(chorus)
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