Misc Unsigned Bands – Smith Avenue - Oh Toejam tab

Oh Toejam! Tab

Intro: G Em D C (With Delay) x2

(No More Delay)
G                                    Em                   D
When you got stuck in me I couldn't move, I couldn't breath;
C                                 G                    Em              D                       C
You know I love you, but in the end you had to leave. It's for the best, it's for the best.

G                  Em   D                      C                                   G          Em
     Oh toejam, you make me weep; you kept the secrets that no one else would keep.
D                             C                           G                 Em   D        C
Now you must leave, you must leave me. It's for the best, it's for the best. Oh toejam.

G Em D C x2

G                                        Em                   D
Since I washed my toes your smell no longer reaches my nose. 
C                             G                   Em                          D               
Somtimes I wonder if it was worth it. Maybe we should be to the end.
C                 G                         Em D     C
What to say. Should you be mine? No not today.

E                Em               E            Em                       E       Em E Em E E7  
I never loved earwax like I loved you. And now that your gone what should I do?

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