Misc Unsigned Bands - Cool Above Dark - California Kid tab

California Kid

Intro/ Outro and Verse End Changee---------------------- e-------------------------|b---------------------- b-------------------------|g--9-9--6-6------------ g-------------------------|D--9--9-6----7-----9--- D---7------9--------------|A--7----4-----7-9-9-9-- A--7-7--9-9-9-------------|E-----------5---7------ E-5----7-----7------------|
-Intro 3X -End Change 1X -Verse 3X -End Change 1X -Verse 3X -End Change 1X
Chorus 1 Chorus 2e------------------------- e-------------------------|b------------------------- b-------------------------|g---9-----6--------------- g---9-----6---------------|D--9-9---6-6----7-----9--- D--9-9---6-6--7--7--9--9--|A-7---7-4---4--7-7---9-9-- A-7---7-4---4-7-7-7-9-9-9-|E-------------5---5-7---7- E-------------5-----7-----|
-Chorus 1 3X -Chorus 2 1X -Verse 3X -E.C. 1X -Chorus 1 3X -Chorus 2 1X -Chorus 1 3X -Chorus 1 1X -Outro 3X E.C. 3X End E power cord on the 5th string, 7th Fret
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