Misc Unsigned Bands – Meow - All I Know tab

just repeat this chord progression

[c]                        [e]    
all i know are my emotions, i cant say i know them well, 
[f]                                [g]
hesitant to pick the phone up and call up jezebel
[am]                                      [f]
when i do, her brother tells me that she's due back home from school
[C]                                                 [g]
she'll be riding back with all her friends while i'm rotting in my room

and friends they say there's more to life with a long and listless sigh, 
'no, i don't need no drugs no more but they sure do keep me high'

and life is always changing, it's this chapter book to me
chapter one was much more fun, than chapter 2 will be

and then with me to chapter three and i can't plainly see
how many of these ups and downs that there are bound to be

well, now and then i still call you up, 'we're still good friends, you know?'
but the last time i tried to call you up, all you said was 'no'

and the answer to my query can be pretty widely seen, 
that this love is not as playful as you'd read in magazines

these scribbles resemble words i wish i'd shared with you, 
but my time is up, i've messed it up and now i just feel screwed

well i called again my old best friend but she's still not online
when i finally get to talk to her, she says 'you still sound fine

'our history is just that now, no future for us then'
and with that, the b hung up on me for the last time once again

all i know are my emotions, i can't claim to know them well
hesitant to pick the phone up and call up jezebel
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