Misc Unsigned Bands - Pivot - O Soundtrack My Heart tab

synth bit at beginning (intro):e|17-------21-19---------------------------|b|---17-------------17h19----17h19---------|g|---------------------------------(14-16--| leave out the bracketed bit ond|-----------------------------------------| the second timea|-----------------------------------------|e|-----------------------------------------|
in the background during the introand continues when the drums come in.e|----------------------|b|----------------------|g|----------------------|d|------------------9---|a|12----------10--------|e|----------------------|
at 00:26 when the drums come in, there are three very simple, similar parts that gives a real Battles kind of sound
the faint piano: and the palm mute guitar:e|17h15----17h15---- e---------------------------|b|-----17-------17-- b---------------------------|g|------------------ g---------------------------|d|------------------ d---------------------------|a|------------------ a12-10--12-10--12-10--12-10-|e|------------------ e---------------------------|
the cool keyboard that sounds likea voice that comes in at 00:41e|------------------|b|------------------|g|14-12-14-12-14-12-|d|------------------|a|------------------|e|------------------|
the kind of heavy bit that starts at 00:52this is the same as the intro but the sythbecomes really glitchy and the notes beingplayed in the background are a lot louderso use chords:e|----------------------|b|----------------------|g|14----------12-----14-|d|14----------12-----14-|a|12----------10-----12-|e|----------------------|
it goes back to the other bit at 01:17 and then theres this new part at 01:42 and the voice continues. listen to it to get the timing
this whole section in repeated 4 times and after at 02:34 it goes back to those three parts again. But theres also a different guitar and synth part guitar riff coming in immediately:
e|------- ------- ---------|b|------- ------- ---------| this guitar bit is on a loopg|--14--- --14--- 14-17-14-| so it goes 1,2,3,2,1,2,3...d|17--17-x8 15--17-x8 ---------|x8a|------- ------- ---------|e|------- ------- ---------|
1 2 3synth bit coming at around 03:00e|---------------- e|----------------10--|b|---------------- b|10--13----12--------|g|---------------- g|--------------------|d|7--10----9----12 x4 d|--------------------| x8a|---------------- a|--------------------|e|---------------- e|--------------------| (the same thing but higher)
then at 04:16 theres a mute note bit, that you'll have to listen to in order to work out the rythm but its simple at 04:43 the intro riff is played on top and finally at 05:08 theres this last synth bit that continues with the other bits to the end:
e|-------- -------- -------- ---------|b|10h12-13 12h13-15 15h18-18 ---15-17-|g|-------- -------- -------- 17-------|d|--(x4)-- --(x4)-- --(x4)-- --(x4)---|a|-------- -------- -------- ---------|e|-------- -------- -------- ---------|
great song www.myspace.com/pivotpivot
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