Misc Unsigned Bands – Matthew Santos - My Remedy tab

Great Song, and it's pretty easy to play, if you just listen a few times to catch
a few intricacies.

Song By: Matthew Santos
Ear-Transcribed and Tabbed by: Andy Maxman

Intro: F C G Am  F Am G

          F         C             G               Am
Another grey, fall day, teetering on the edge of rain.
         F               Am                    G
Got my green shirt and jeans, tearing at the seams.
        G           C                    G             Am
And I sit at this cafe, wondering which way I'm gonna stray.
         F             Am         E               F
To get away from the pain of the same old thing.

               C                   E
(CHORUS) Run away with me, As far we can see,
Meet our destiny.
            C                E
That's my remedy, Like the ageless sea,
Seeking purity

       F                       C
Now I bought another girl sunflowers,
          G                   Am
Asked for one and they gave me two.
            F             Am
They were feeling quite yellow,
And I was feeling kinda blue.
               F                 C
I haven't felt love in quite a while,
             G                      Am
Starting to wonder if it's out of style.
    F            Am       E             F
Or maybe I'm a fool, for letting it go.

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