Misc Unsigned Bands – Billy In 4c - Do Not Reply tab

This is a song I wrote and transcribed to piano and
saxophone for my newly created band that only consists
of me at the moment- Billy In 4C.

The band name stems from a line in "Dumb and Dumber" with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, 
which Jim Carrey (Lloyd Christmas)
tells Jeff Daniels (Harry) who he sold his
dead bird Petey to.

I'm looking for other players and I want to make
this a serious thing.
If you live in the vicinity of Lincoln or Omaha
or Columbus, Nebraska,
consider doing an awesome thing with your music
and join Billy in 4C.

Enough of that, this song is played in a really odd tuning that somehow fits my offbeat style.

6th string- E
5th string- A
4th string- D
(this is where it changes)
3rd string- E
2nd string- G
1st string- D

Play this and please comment, please enjoy and I'll have a site going to promote the 
in the near future.


Acoustic Guitar Pt. 1

*= harmonics /= slide down p= pull off ~= let ring h= hammer on Acoustic Guitar Pt. 2
b= bend Ending
Bridge between Guitar part 1 and 2:
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