Misc Unsigned Bands – The Camerawalls - Markers Of Beautiful Memories tab

Markers Of Beautiful Memories
The Camerawalls

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro:E A9e-----------------------------------|B-11-------11---------12-------12---|G---11---11--11--11-----11---11--11-|D-----------------------------------|A------9--------9----------9--------|E-----------------------------------|
(Verse) E A9 E Your face is a welcome interlude A9 E Like a lift back into school A9 E-A9 It's all hearts and flowers E Love's umpire called time A9 E You have taken root in my mind A9 E Like a heavenly infection A9 E Am7-D Taking leave of my senses (Chorus) E Bm A riot in the heart A Come ruin or rapture Am E May we never part Bm A blue mystic light A Am I carry a torch and a pocket guide E Bm A-Am-Am7 To the markers of beautiful memories (Repeat Chords) I was given to fits of lost traditions Now I'm living on sealed confessions Oh, such a sweet distress Suspended pipe dreams are touching Revolving and spinning Am I accursed or blessed it's uncertain Oh, I have faith in my bearings A riot in the heart Come ruin or rapture May we never part A blue mystic light I carry a torch and a pocket guide To the markers of beautiful memories.
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