Misc Unsigned Bands - Matthew Leitner - Beautiful Eyes tab

Verse 1

C           Em               Am             G
On another train ride, going out to see my girl
      C               Em            Am                G
I can see her in that summer dress, wearing all those pearls

(Fast switch to Chorus)

    F              C            Am                  G
And everything we dreamed of is beginnin' to be real life
     F          C                    Am             G
When we can say goodnight to eachoher under the star light
     F                 C             Am          G
When Kissing eachother sweetly is all in another night
   F               C           Am                   G
So darlin' move in close so I can see those beautiful eyes

(break. repeat verse chords twice)

Verse 2
(same chords as Verse 1)
We'll travel 'round the country, just like we've always dreamed

See all our favorite places, more pretty then they seemed

The world will still be turning fast but we'll be having fun

Experienc the beauty of life when two become one

(Go back up to Chorus)

(Bridge) : C-Am-G (with harmonica)


Great song from a great new artist! He'll make it big someday! www.myspace.com/matthewleitner

Austin, Texas
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