Misc Unsigned Bands - Kinetix - Worst Day tab

Worst Day
Kinetix (www.thekinetix.com)

Submitted by Joel Hart

Chords (EADGBe)
Bb9: 	(x10111)
Eb9:  	(x65666)

Bb9                       Eb9
   A broken man’s got it figured out, see
Eb                               Bb
    Said he’s gonna rob this town,
                     Bb9                             Eb9
of everything they’ve got, He’s got the law all figured out
Eb                                Bb
   Still he’s got one simple doubt
                     Bb9                      Eb9
Maybe after he gets away, makes it through the very next day
Eb                Bb
   Whats he gonna do  (He can’t just)

 Bb!  Bb!                       F! F!
........ roll with the punches .......call when he wants it
D          Eb
Oh he thought he knew you
Bb! Bb!                     Gm! Gm! F! F!
........ Fool him if you wanna........well god you gotta
D              Eb                   D
Come to your senses too and spill all

           Eb           Bb                      F  Eb
Oh you’ve seen how this life has it’s worst days
            Eb         Bb              F         Eb
And you’re callin it right, still you don’t misbehave
               Eb           Bb                          F    Eb
Think you can call him up tonight, think you can be brave
      Eb            Bb        F    Eb
Still all that you want is to be safe, yeah


Maybe things are uptight
Maybe things are just a little bit broke

But everyday I grow, a little sicker of this
Still it’s getting hard now to resist

We were getting delirious
Talk now but coverin no well

Maybe yesterday’s spell, cast upon my ticket to the human race, oh god
 if I had one mistake oh god (if I had one mistake I’d just)

*Lyrics change slightly for each pre-chorus and chorus but it’s the same idea

Talk about lack of sensibility
Talk about your mind in reality

But they don’t hand in hand, misunderstand
could you land me, hand me a shotgun

Cause you’d know what I’d do, Point that shit straight at the sky and,
shoot heaven on down for you     (cause we just)

Extended chorus
**Chorus continues with the same chords but they throw in a Gm on the last iteration
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