Misc Unsigned Bands – Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock tab

	             LET IT ROCK - Kevin Rudolph & Lil Wayne
Email: bandoleroracer6@aim.com
Tabbed by: Will Baker (Sept 14, 2008)

Standard Tuning (eBGDAE)
Key of F Major

The below riff is repeated multiple times throughout the song. Listen
to the song to find out exactly where. It occurs in every chorus and
in the last 8 bars of each verse.

Chords Used:
F G D Bbe|--1--| e|--3--| e|--2--| e|--x--|B|--1--| B|--3--| B|--3--| B|--3--|G|--2--| G|--0--| G|--2--| G|--3--|D|--3--| D|--0--| D|--0--| D|--3--| A|--3--| A|--x--| A|--0--| A|--1--|E|--1--| E|--3--| E|--x--| E|--x--|
RIFF x1e|---------0---1-3-|---------3---1-0-|---------1-0-1-3-|---------0-------|B|-1-3-3-1---1-----|-1-3-3-1---1-----|-1-3-3-1---------|-1-3-3-1---1~----|G|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
VERSE 1: F G I see your dirty face D High behind your collar F G What is done in vain D Truth is hard to swallow Bb G So you pray to God D To justify the way you Bb G D Live a lie, live a lie, live a lie F G D And you take your time F G D And you do your crime Bb G D Well you made your bed Bb G D I'm in mine~~~ CHORUS: F G Because when I arrive D I bring the fire F G Make you come alive D I can take you higher Bb G What is this, forgot? D I must now remind you Bb Let It Rock G Let It Rock D Let It Rock VERSE 2: F G | D D F G | D D Bb G | D D Bb G | D D F G | D D F G | D D Bb G | D D Bb G | D D [CHORUS] VERSE 3: F G | D D F G | D D Bb G | D D Bb G | D D F G | D D F G | D D Bb G | D D Bb G | D D [CHORUS] [CHORUS] F Just Let It Rock G Let It Rock D Let It Rock F G D Let It Rock~~~~ Bb G D Let It Rock~~~~ VERSE 4:
RIFF x4e|---------0---1-3-|---------3---1-0-|---------1-0-1-3-|---------0---1-0-|B|-1-3-3-1---1-----|-1-3-3-1---1-----|-1-3-3-1---------|-1-3-3-1---1-----|G|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
RIFF x1e|---------0---1-3~|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|B|-1-3-3-1---1-----|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|G|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
KEY ~ note is held | bar line x mute note/string
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