Misc Unsigned Bands - Stephen And The Colberts - Charlene Im Right Behind You tab

Song: Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)
Artist: Stephen and the Colberts
Album: Symphonies of the Infernal

This is possibly the greatest song ever recorded by humans.

Intro: G D Em C

G                     D 
Everytime I see you I think of you

Em                       C
Everytime I'm near you I think of you

  G                                        D
I think of you and I dream of you when I'm taking pictures of you

  Em                                       C 
I think of you when I'm in a blimp looking down from up above you

G                 D
     You know I'm missing you

Em              C
     My mind is kissing you

    C                D
I'm right behind you now Charlene

Waiting, watching

Oh so close

    C                D
I'm right behind you now Charlene

Em               C  
You'll never be alone again, no

Guitar Solo: x3|-----------15---------|-15b--||-----12-15-----15-12--|------||--12------------------|------||----------------------|------||----------------------|------||----------------------|------|
I'd like to dedicate this tab to Charlene.
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