Misc Unsigned Bands – Fragmnets Of A Puzzle - Warmness On The Photos tab

Artist: fragments of a puzzle
song:   Warmness on the photos
one of my most favourite songs, just had to tab it seeing as how i dont
think anyone else has even heard of this incredibly awesome band, give 
them a listen if you can find there songs, sorry i could only figure out the intro
though, the rest of it kinda got a bit hard to follow.

uh yeah, not long and very easy to learn, ive been told it 
sounds great just on the 'A' string, but i cant be bothered 
trying it.
[Note: the faster you play it, the better it sounds]

repeat about 3 times..ill get back with the rest of the song soon :} sorry if you don't like it that much, i have only been playing for a few weeks now (and not very frequently at that), and this is my first tab. however if you do like it, let me know at riki_the_great@hotmail.com ----------------------------:D----------------------------------------
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